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Social Theory, Communication and Media Studies
Instruments and Didactic Material

Area 14 – Scienze politiche e sociali
The book series “Social Theory, Communication and Media Studies”, edited by Michele Infante, is a collection of works and researches on Media Culture and Communication’s Social Effects on Economy, Arts, Law and Policy. The purpose is to analyze the most recent innovations in media studies from a sociological point of view. The book series describes and studies in depth the main theories of international sociologists, linguists and thinkers, publishing high-scientific and academic texts, papers, collected essays, case studies, debates, etc. In this way, the series gives an important contribution to the most advanced debates, through the analysis and interpretation of the evolution of Media and Social Theory. Every reader, from academics ones, to policy makers, artists, video makers, professionals and any other social actor, will find detailed analysis of this dynamic research field. The book series collects the most relevant researches dealing with new media technologies, social theory and media practices. The different authors use a multidisciplinary approach to media studies: from philosophy to anthropology, from cybernetics to semiotics, from history of media to systemic science, from structuralism to social constructivism. In this sense, the series is also a collection of different methods and approaches to the study of media. The final goal of this book series is to collect the studies of several scholars in order to build a systematic and rigorous social theory for the contemporary cultural forms, linking different point of views; this social theory of media will tend to be an important mean to deeply understand current society. Finally, the book series is also a way to create a link between several scholars, belonging to different academic and professional fields and contexts, composing an International Network of Scholars dealing with Social Theory, Communication and Media Studies.

This section of the Book Series wants to help teachers and professionals in their didactic aims; its goal is to be a support for students.
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