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Legal Policy & Pandemics
The Journal of the Global Pandemic Network

Area 12 – Scienze giuridiche
The Global Pandemic Network (GPN) is an international network in the field of human sciences, aimed at bringing together academics as well as distinguished experts. The goal is to mutually exchange research and information on pandemics, engage in deep-rooted discussions, and bring forward solutions for decision-makers based on analysis of best practices and comparison of experiences.

To this end, the GPN has identified the following thematic focuses: Covid-19 and government response, human rights, environment, cities, competition, digital society, taxation, healthcare systems, public management, international organizations, international investments, and virtual teams.

As a newly established global network, the GPN is shaking a global debate on political-legal-socio-economic recovery, supporting and enhancing the role of the research, with several actions and teams working together across different aspects of the response.

The GPN’s activities include webinars, drafting of scientific reports, and academic publications. Moreover, the GPN serves as a unique forum to collect relevant contributions to global responses to COVID-19 and its legacy, prompt further debate, and enable knowledge-sharing among high-level academic institutions worldwide to spur cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research collaborations.

Aims and Scope
The Global Pandemic Network Journal is a publication of the Global Pandemic Network designed to host primarily but not exclusively the contributions of the network’s research and promote comparative debate on institutional response to the pandemic. With the unique mission to reflect on cutting edge themes related to the systemic changes led by the pandemic, the Journal strives to be at the forefront of legal scholarship, sparking conversation, encouraging reflection, and shaping discussions of the most important and relevant legal issues through a rigorous scholarship selection and editing process.

The research topics included are in the area of social sciences and cover law, political science, sociology, and history of institutions (ERC sectors SH2 and SH3). The journal hosts articles on pandemic and government response; sustainable development; markets and circular economy; digitalization; climate change, environmental protection, and human rights.

This journal will serve as essential reading for scholars, policy-makers, lawyers, institutions, NGOs, civil servants, and the general public around the world interested in learning more about the global response to pandemics and a wide range of related issues.

Peer Review
All primary research articles undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and double-blind peer review by anonymous expert referees. The journal’s editors will assess review articles, comment pieces, and reports.
Periodicità: Quadrimestrale
Journal registered at no. 53 of the press register of the Court of Naples on 7 October 2021 – Managing Director Maria Rosaria SCOTTI
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