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Study of aesthetics of substructure with respect to different time frame with a case of Ranjeshwar temple kund, Bhor, Maharashtra
DOI:  10.53136/97912599480765
Pagine: 53-60
Data di pubblicazione: Febbraio 2022
Editore: Aracne
The composition of architectural space is a very complex process. Some of the architectural space does not come from underground coverage or plan of a particular structure but it is a three-dimensional space in which the structure shall be adapted geometrically. Another component is a material environment which includes the materials available for constructing a particular structure. Even techniques and tools which are involved in particular building construction are specific to the context. The next component can be a requirement of a particular structure, activities created. Then social, culture, traditions, economical will be even very essential components of the system. So, beauty of the structure will be a result of these complex combinations. The aim of this paper is to understand the beauty of the Bhor structure in Ranje.Ranjeshwar is a temple located in Ranje village, in Bhor tehsil of Pune district in Maharashtra India. This study focuses on studying the aesthetics of the substructure (Kund) of the temple. The general studies of smaller water bodies are conducted in terms of planning, materials, and construction technology. In this study, one aims to study aesthetics with respect to planning, geometry, elements, proportion and function. Documentation of the area is done to understand these aspects. Since beauty is a relative term expressed by people. The grammar of the elements shall be studied from the historic context. The study shall conclude in understanding the beauty of the substructure in a different context and the understanding of grammatical composition.

Keywords: Aesthetics, Kund, Substructure, Geometry, Proportions, Architectural grammar.
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