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Andong Hahoe Village: the legacy of Joseon’s yangban culture and its heritage making
DOI:  10.53136/97912599480763
Pagine: 31-42
Data di pubblicazione: Febbraio 2022
Editore: Aracne
ABSTRACTAndong, situ Mt. Sobaek and Mt. Taebaek with theflowing Nakdong River through them. The place has a typical inland climate with four seasons of a unique and rich environment. The literal meaning of ‘peaceful land in the east’ has brought Andong respect and courtesy and an heir to 5,000 years of traditions. Little communication with outsiders and an isolated location by two mountains allowed Andong to preserve exceptional folklore.Hahoe Folk Village’s clan residence in Andong testifies the yangban culture’s remnants as the ruling class during the Joseon Confucian Dynasty (1392-1910). The village has residents - the head families’ residences with timber-framed houses of clan members, pavilions, study halls, Confucian academies for learning, and clusters of one story mud-walled, thatched-roofed houses for commoners. The natural-cultural landscape of mountains, open agricultural fields, and water around the village, pavilions, and retreats was admired among the 17th-18th centuries’ poets.The distinctive aristocratic Confucian culture has facilitated physical and spiritual nourishment from their encircling landscapes. “Byeolsingut Talnori” masked dance has been transmitted for 600 years at Hahoe Folk Village, where tangible-intangible properties, including rites, plays, writings and artwork, prompted its property to the UNESCO heritage list.A question arises to the endeavour and prosperity of Hahoe in heritage making. Accordingly, this paper discusses how the folk village has gained an international-national reputation as cultural heritage with its future preservation management plan, facilitating our better understanding of Korea, particularly the yangban culture, across time and space.

Keywords: Hahoe Village, Courtyard (Madang), Joseon Yangban, Heritage Making, Tangibility-Intangibility
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