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Basil Psarianos

M.Sc. Rural and Surveying Engineer, Nat’l Techn. Univ. Athens, Greece (1976). Dr.-Ing., University of Hannover, Germany (1981). Since 1987 member of Teaching Staff at the Faculty of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the Nat’l Techn. Univ. Athens. Since 2003 Professor of Highway Engineering. Scientific Interests in Highway Design, Highway Safety, Land use and Transportation and Access Management. More than 140 Publications in Greek, English and German. Coauthor of one Book on Highway Design and Safety, McGrawHill Co. Research manager of 17 national and two EU projects. Research evaluator of National and International Research Projects. Reviewer of International Journals in Highway Engineering. Coauthor of Specifications and Guidelines on Highway Engineering. Consulting Engineer in Highway Design Projects in Greece. Safety Auditor and Safety Evaluator for Athens-Lamia, Athens-Korinth and Korinth-Patras Freeways with Louisberger Group and Vinci. Member of Transportation Research Board, Forschungsgesselschaft fuer Strassen- und Verkehrswesen, Societa Italiana Infrastutture Via-rie, Verein Deutscher Vermessungsingenieure, Technical Chamber of Greece.
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